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We are a growing team of experienced golfers with passion for the game.

We are dedicated to helping all golfers grow.


Golf Teaching Professional


Since Jay began his golf journey at the age of 5, the sport has held a significant place in my life.  Growing up under the guidance of my father, a seasoned golf professional, he gained invaluable exposure to the game from an early age. His mentorship not only fueled my passion for golf but also deepened his understanding of its intricacies.  This early immersion allowed him to develop keen insights into junior players' perspectives, enabling him to tailor my teaching methods to suit their unique needs and learning styles.


After graduating from Plehanova University in Russia, he was driven to enhance my expertise in golf education.  He pursued and obtained USGTF (Level 3) certification, equipping him with comprehensive knowledge and advanced teaching skills in golf instruction.  Additionally, he embarked on educational journeys to Korea and the United States, immersing himself in diverse golf instruction environments.  These experiences provided him with invaluable insights into each country's distinct golf cultures, trends, and instructional methodologies.


Recognizing the strengths of both Korean and American golf instruction, he has integrated the best practices from each into his teaching philosophy.  Central to his approach is the guiding principle of "swing comfortably, without complexity."  By emphasizing simplicity and efficiency in swing mechanics, he aims to empower his students to develop a natural and effective golf swing aligned with their individual abilities and preferences. His ultimate goal is to cultivate a love for the game among his students while helping them unlock their full potential on and off the golf course.

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General Manager


Golf Teaching Professional

SJ is a highly skilled and experienced PGA Associate with over 15 years of experience in golf instruction.  He has taught over 600 members and has worked with golfers of all skill levels.  As a golf analyst, SJ provides exclusive insights into emerging trends and topics in the industry.

SJ’s approach to coaching the golf swing is systematic, with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals.  He utilizes data-driven technology to improve golf swings and provides personalized coaching to his members.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, SJ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Golf Management and Business from Kyung Hee University.  He also earned a Master’s degree in Sport Tourism and Sport Management from Clemson University and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, respectively.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, SJ is dedicated to helping his members improve their golf skills and achieve their goals.

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